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My ​​Xperience

I have over twenty years' experience supporting schools, colleges, charities and organisations with their customer experience both at strategic and operational levels. 

I have worked within, built and led teams focusing on relationship building strategies and processes to create a smooth customer journey in a variety of roles within marketing, sales and fundraising.

In my first role at Harrods, I was lucky enough to be given a glowing mystery shop report which paved my way to a permanent role

helping to pay my way through university, whilst discovering a real love of giving great customer experience

through helping, listening and building relationships.


Since then, I have worked within and set up marketing and fundraising teams and developed and rolled out strategies

within a number of independent schools, college group, and organisations, engaging with donors and supporters

across multiple charities and recruiting students working with a number of schools, as well as consulting for schools,

third sector organisations and the corporate sector.

The key to business growth is excellent relationship building through creating great customer experiences…the new marketing.


Supporting numerous fundraising organisations and working in a number of independent schools (national and international),

and a college group in marketing, admissions and development to achieve growth and meet targets,

I know that creating a first-class customer experience is a game changer.


I have seen growth of customers, donors, sales and ultimately revenue in all organisations I have worked in and achieved all targets set.

This has been down to agile leadership, sound investment in the right activities and both a business and customer centric approach

throughout, alongside exceptional relationship building and customer experience strategies.


You can view some videos and articles here with various organisations I have worked within the areas of: 

Customer Experience - Marketing - School Strategy - Social Media - School Admissions & Events General Experience

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