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Providing Customer Xperience, Marketing and Fundraising support for 

Schools & Colleges - Charitable Organisations - Corporate Sector


 4PCustomerXperience is all about helping

schools, colleges, third sector organisations and the corporate sector become more customer centric.

In this competitive world, you and your business have to stand out from the crowd. 

Creating excellent customer experiences is how you do this.


This drives up sales, recruits families and new pupils or customers, and creates repeat business.

In fact providing excellent customer experience is a game changer for schools, third sector organisations and the corporate sector. 


Lucy Barnwell believes that the 4Ps can really ensure you give a great customer experience. These are:

having Passion - being Proactive - being Professional - being Positive

You can expect nothing less from her when you give her a call or email her to ask about how she can help you.


Red carpet customer service every time. 

From me to you.  

From you to your customers .

Helping schools and colleges, third sector organisations and the corporate sector thrive.

 ©2019 4PCustomerXperience 
formerly Stirling Fundraising & Marketing
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